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5 Ways to Save & Stay Cool in the Swelter

Now that the sweltering New Jersey summer is upon us, you will unfortunately begin to see your energy costs begin to rise.We thought you might like a few tips to save and keep those costs down.

On average it costs homeowners about $300 a year extra to cool their homes. This breaks down to about $100 extra each summer month. Try these 5 “stay cool” ideas to save in summer.

1. Install a programmable thermostat. We can’t say this enough…. it saves you in the summer and it saves you in the winter. It’s so easy! In the summer program the temperature to be 7 degrees warmer during the hours that you are not at home and 7 degrees cooler in the winter. Better still get the app that lets you program your cooling and heating.

2. Run a fan! Yes, using a good old fashion attic, ceiling, or tabletop fan can keep you comfortable. If it is not too stifling hot out this is a great alternative and can save you plenty.

3. Insulating window film can help. If you prefer not having blinds down or curtains drawn window films can cut down on the heat generated from the sun and protect your rugs and furniture from fading.

4. Clean or change your air conditioning filters. Always good to keep a few extras on hand.

5. Finally, take a moment to enjoy the summer. Sit yourself down in a nice lawn chair under a big beautiful tree and sip something cool and refreshing!