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Houseplants: Air Purification Using These 5 Plants!

Did you know that adding houseplants not only beautifies your home, but helps clean your air of unhealthy toxins?

The most common toxin in our homes is formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a common component in glues, flooring, upholstery and paint. An easy way to lessen the amount of formaldehyde in your home is to bring in some of these plants that are air purification and filtering champs:


Spider plants filter formaldehyde out of the air

Spider plant – one of the easiest house plants to grow, and self perpetuating because it sends off fun small baby plants that can be potted up, spider plants remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air.Boston fern – another easy plant to find, and full of lush, lovely foliage when kept cool and moist, the Boston fern will also remove formaldehyde and xylene from your air. Cool and relaxing, the Boston Fern has been called the “most efficient filtering plant” by for its time-tested ability to expel mold and toxins from indoor air.

Rubber plant – an excellent choice if you are light challenged. It can thrive in a low light situation, is a very easy plant to care for and is a formaldehyde filtering champ! Its large shiny leaves are attractive as well (although it is poisonous to pets, so bear that in mind).

English Ivy is very good for air filtration and can be shaped by topiary frames

English ivy – is another effective air purification hero that is easy to care for, takes partial light and can be quite decorative, especially when trained onto topiary. WebMD describes it as “a fix for allergies“, noting that 60% of airborne mold in the room vanished just 6 hours after English ivy was brought in.

Areca Palm is the air filtering top choice

Areca palm tree – According to NASA (which has researched air purity for astronauts), the top air purifying plant as is the Areca palm tree! Also labeled “the most efficient air humidifier” by MetaEfficient, the Areca will add moisture to your home or office during dry days, and will also remove toxins from the air.

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