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Bioheat®—Better for Your Home, Better for the Environment

We deliver Bioheat® and we’re proud of it. What is Bioheat and why does it make us happy? The first part is easy: Bioheat is a blend of biodiesel and Ultra Low Sulfur heating oil.

But then you ask, What is biodiesel? Biodiesel is a fuel (you can use it in your diesel vehicle) made in the USA from sustainable resources such as recycled grease (from restaurants), plant oils (sunflower, soy, algae and others), and animal fats. Compared to petroleum heating fuel, biodiesel h

A house made of grass indicating that it is heated with bioheat and thus "green."

as approximately 80% fewer carbon emissions.

When it’s blended with Ultra Low Sulfur heating oil to produce Bioheat, the resulting fuel burns cleaner and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is also a money-saver because your system runs more efficiently on clean fuel.

Why does it make us happy? We’ve been delivering Bioheat for about a year now. It can be used in any oil heating system – no modifications necessary. All that time,  you’ve been getting cleaner heat and been more environmentally responsible without even knowing it. We love helping the environment with you. Congratulations all around!

You can read more about Bioheat® on our Fuels page, and find where to pump your own Biodiesel here.