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Shade Your AC?!

Did you know that shading your air conditioner with shrubs and small trees can reduce your home’s energy costs?
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Good News for NJ Homeowners

Oilheat in New Jersey has been making some important changes for New Jersey homeowners.  Not only have we seen dramatically lower prices in the last two years but oilheat is cleaner and the equipment ultra-efficient. Read more


As you may know from the news reports US domestic oil production has nearly doubled in the last few years. We are no longer dependent on importing oil from Saudi Arabia and Algeria. Between OPEC’s unwillingness to cut productionComo usted puede saber de las noticias de Estados Unidos informa producción nacional de petróleo casi se ha duplicado en los últimos años. Ya no somos dependientes de la importación de petróleo de Arabia Saudita y Argelia. Entre la disposición de la OPEP de reducir la producción Read more