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Comfort Services

At JW Pierson, we have the ability, the training, the know-how and the desire to be your complete home comfort provider.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that the climate inside your home—where you and your family spend so much of your time—should be as good as it can possibly be. It should be warm in winter, cool in summer, and full of fresh, clean air all the time. And, it should be that way all the time, no matter the weather outside, and no matter if you are home or away.

Let us take care of your home comfort, your family’s comfort, and save you money and worry, too.


BPI-certified Home Energy Audits

How do you know if you have air leaks around doors or windows? Only by stopping the leaks, adding insulation where it’s missing, and making the envelope of your home tighter can you really save the most on heating and cooling. Remember when Mom asked if you were “trying to heat the whole outdoors?!” when you left the door open? Many homes today are doing that without even knowing it.

Home Energy Services In NJ

We want our customers to get the most comfort and savings possible, so we are collaborating with Tom Testa and Home Energy Diagnostics, a Montclair-based, BPI-certified company. Get a home energy audit and find out what improvements can save you money. Learn more about Home Energy Diagnostics on their website, where you can also find out about the significant potential rebates and financing for energy efficiency improvements. He has been doing Home Energy Audits for many years and we recommend him highly.

You can also read a wonderful story on Scientific American’s blog about Tom’s company and the experience one New Jersey man had working with him. Then give him a call! 973.680.1244


Indoor Air Quality

happy child in winter in home with Aprilaire humifier

To help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the only truly effective solution is a whole-house solution. We have partnered with Aprilaire, the leader in quality air filtration and humidification systems. Read the many reasons why you will benefit – in health and savings – when you keep your home at the proper humidification.


Whole House Safety
Honeywell Generators In New Jersey

Installing a whole house generator is the only way to be certain that your lights stay on, that your freezer full of food stays usable, and that your heat continues to run during an outage.

We recommend Honeywell Generators by Generac. You can read more about them here or give us a call and ask for a no-obligation estimate.


Monitor & Adjust Temperature, Air Quality and more!
digital home thermostats in NJ

You’ll love being able to set your thermostat from afar and adjust it any time—perhaps before you head home or if you forget to lower it when you head off to vacation. You can even monitor the air quality in the house. Let us show you the magic that is a Honeywell Red Link (so helpful it will even send you immediate alerts if there is ever a heating or cooling problem). Increased Comfort and Reduced Energy Costs Are Cornerstones of RedLINK Wireless Technology.