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High-Efficiency Equipment Drives Down Your Costs

The most important factor in home energy conservation is the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems. J.W. Pierson helps customers conserve fuel and save money with outstanding high-efficiency heating from world-class manufacturers including Peerless, Energy Kinetics, Burnham Hydronics, Weil McLain, Williamson-Thermoflo, and Bosch.

We install complete systems, including furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, central air conditioning, oil tanks, fuel-saving controls and programmable thermostats.

Here is some of the equipment we install.


Peerless Series EC/ECT Boiler

home heating boiler services

The series EC/ECT is a residential oil-fired boiler for steam or hot water systems. Available as a packaged or knockdown unit, the Series EC/ECT is for use with natural draft (chimney) venting. The large water content of the boilers makes it ideal for steam and large volume hot water applications. Features include steel push nipples that provide a permanent water tight seal between sections, and a deluxe, insulated enameled steel jacket that reduces boiler heat loss. A full plate swing-out door on the Series EC/ECT allows for quick and easy boiler cleaning. Honeywell operating controls, a Taco cirulator, and a float type low water cut-off on packaged steam boilers are all standard equipment on Series EC/ECT boilers.

  • Large Water Volume
  • Packaged or Knockdown Oil Boilers
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • Flame Retention Burners
  • Steam or Hot Water Boilers
  • Optional Tankless Coils
  • Skim Tapping for Cleaning Steam Boilers

Peerless Series WBV/WV Boiler

Home Heating Oil Services NJ

The series WBV/WV residential, oil-fired boilers are available for use with both hot water and steam systems and designed for natural draft (chimney) venting. The fully-packaged or knockdown boilers are available in 3 sizes (3-5 sections) with 8 firing rates. Features of the Series WBV/WV boilers include a full plate swing-out door and convertible rear to top flue outlet (for 3 and 4 section boilers only). Honeywell operating controls, Taco circulators (water boilers) and probe type low water cut-off (steam boilers) are standard. A deluxe, insulated enameled steel jacket on all boilers reduces heat loss. The cast iron sections are assembled with steel push nipples and factory tested to assure a water tight seal.

  • Packaged or Knockdown Oil Boilers
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • Flame Retention Burners
  • Steam or Hot Water Boilers
  • Optional Tankless Coils
  • Rear or Top Flue Convertibility
  • Skim Tapping for Cleaning Steam Boilers

Burnham Hydronics MegaSteam™ Oil-Fired Steam Boiler

Gas Services in New Jersey

The MegaSteam boiler has been exclusively designed by Burnham engineers using a 3-pass, cast iron, sectional design that is unequaled in the industry. MegaSteam sections are produced in Burnham’s own state-of-the-art foundry, and at 86% AFUE, MegaSteam boilers are ENERGY STAR® certified as the most efficient oil-fired steam boilers available.

  • High Efficiency 86% AFUE
  • Unique, Burnham-engineered 3-pass design
  • 4 sizes available
  • High corrosion resistance with extended waterside warranty
  • Superior steam quality
  • Tankless heater available
  • Best steam boiler warranty in the industry

Burnham Hydronics MPO-IQ™ Boiler

Heating Services in NJ

The new MPO-IQ high efficiency oil-fired heating boiler marks the crossroads of innovation and everyday practicality. Rated among the highest efficiency of cast-iron heating boilers since its introduction, the newly designed MPO-IQ, thanks to the Burnham IQ Oil Boiler Control System, again leads the field in efficiency, versatility, ease of maintenance, and installation.

  • High efficiency 87% AFUE
  • 3-pass cast iron sectional design
  • Built-in return water temperature protection
  • Natural draft oil boiler
  • Five sizes available
  • Direct vent option kit
  • Easy installation and servicing with reversible swing door and no target wall or blanket required
  • Multiple burner options
  • Rated as a Consumers Digest “Best Buy”
  • Features Burnham IQ Control System
  • True plug & play controls utilizing Burnham IQ option cards
  • Outdoor reset (with domestic hot water priority)
  • Auxiliary high limit
  • Low water out-off
  • Optional LCD touch screen display

Energy Kinetics System 2000


Want to enjoy the lowest fuel bills possible? Then it’s time for the SYSTEM 2000. When it comes to saving energy, nothing beats it! This compact boiler system generates both heat and hot water in a small and efficient package. The boiler alone saves energy by dramatically reducing stand-by loss (the significant loss of heat that occurs when your heating system shuts off and most of the “leftover” heat energy goes up the chimney). The “smart” System 2000 pumps the heat into your home where you need it most – plus, it produces enough hot water to run the dishwasher, the washing machine and several showers all at the same time!




Look at these benefits!
  • Saves 30% to 40% on fuel
  • Quieter than a microwave
  • Hybrid Energy Recovery
  • Made in the United States
  • Provides virtually unlimited heat and hot water
  • No heat is left wasted in the boiler
  • Digital Manager controls multiple zones.
  • Can be installed with or without a chimney
  • Comes with the finest warranty in the industry, so your family’s comfort is assured.


Water Heaters


Oil Services in NJ

Bosch is one of the nation’s leading producers of tankless gas water heaters. With the company’s highly efficient AquaStar tankless water heaters, you’ll receive an endless supply of hot water on demand. Plus, Bosch water heaters are among the most energy-efficient on the market – built to last 20 years – and are small, lightweight and hang on a wall.

Oil Tanks


New Jersey Heating Services

Roth Safety Tanks exceed the most recent industry safety regulations, ensuring consistently superior quality and peace of mind. No other tank offers features like a weld-free galvanized steel outer tank and seamless, weld-free polyethylene inner tank. Absolutely leak-proof and corrosion resistant, the outer tank protects the inner tank and offers secondary containment. Using state-of-the-art computerized technology, Roth tanks are manufactured to the highest standards.

Programmable Thermostats


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One of the most economical yet effective ways to reduce your energy bills is with a programmable thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature when you are away from home or asleep. Your heating or cooling returns to your chosen comfort level automatically when you come home or wake up. Honeywell is the #1 name in comfort controls, and the experts at Pierson will professionally install the Honeywell programmable thermostat that’s right for you.

Fuel Economizers

Beckett Heat Manager

Fuel Services in New Jersey

Want lower heating bills season after season? Then the Beckett HeatManager is for you! This “brainy” hydronic (hot water and steam) accessory is a patented microprocessor-controlled device that reduces fuel consumption by 10% to 20% by automatically adjusting the burner run pattern to match the system’s heat load. And it’s a smart buy too, since, in most cases, it pays for itself in only 12 to 24 months! Works with Oilheat, gas heat or propane.

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