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2017-18 Budget Plan and Pricing Programs

Budget Payment Plan & Pricing Options

Our Budget Plan

Avoid the difficulty of big heating bills in the winter. Get even, consistent, predictable payments each month by enrolling in our Budget Payment Plan.

How Does It Work?

We help you figure out approximately how much heating oil you will need for the upcoming year. We break the payments for those gallons into 11 equal payments. When you enroll in a budget plan, you start saving immediately because you receive a Budget Plan Discount of $.03/gallon.

Budget Plans usually start in June and run until the following May. If you start later than June, you monthly payments will be higher because the program always ends in May, so you would be spreading your payments over fewer months. In addition, you add any of our Special Payment Plans (below) to your Budget Plan, and you can add in a Service Contract, too, and pay for it across the year.

Save Even More

Autopay your Budget Plan on your MasterCard or Visa and save an additional $.05 per gallon -$.08/gallon on every gallon! Call or login to your account for details. 

Pricing Programs

Any JW Pierson automatic delivery customer can participate in a Special Pricing Program or can choose to receive market price on day of delivery.

Many people find that they are more comfortable with a “known known” rather than leaving things to chance. Truthfully, we cannot advise you whether these plans will benefit you in the long run. Oil is a commodity and we simply cannot predict future pricing, as much as we wish we could. These Special Pricing Programs offer you ways to protect your pricing and even out payments.

Price Cap Plan

Get a guaranteed capped price-per-gallon. No matter what happens, you will not pay more than your cap price. And because we offer it with “Downside Protection,” if our posted price is lower, you will get the advantage of the lesser amount.

How Does It Work?

You specify the number of gallons you would like to have capped. This can be all or a portion of your annual usage (we can help you figure that out). A Price Cap contract requires a one-time fee based on the number of gallons you are protecting.

Price Cap Option 1: Pay when the oil is delivered. the capped price you pay will be set when new price cap contracts are announced in May.

Price Cap Option 2: The capped price you pay will be set when new price cap contracts are announced in May.

You may also combine it with a monthly Budget Plan.

Fixed Price Plan

A Fixed Price program is just that, a guaranteed price per gallon that will not go up or down for the course of your contract.

How Does It Work?

You pre-purchase your annual supply of heating oil at a fixed rate, while maintaining the convenience of automatic delivery.

With a Fixed Price Plan, no matter which way the market moves, your price remains the same. If the price drops, you do not pay less. What you DO get with it, is the ability to plan, the security of knowing you are all set for the whole winter, no matter what.

Since we cannot know whether the price of oil will go up or down, we cannot offer advice or a recommendation about whether or not this will be advantageous program for you. There are no additional fees with this plan.