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Shade Your AC?!

Did you know that shading your air conditioner with shrubs and small trees can reduce your home’s energy costs?

Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush

A simple thing like planting a shrub or two around the condenser will not only enhance the exterior of your home, but help save you some money, while making your home more comfortable during the hot summer days in New Jersey, It is wise to assess your home’s landscaping throughout the year. During the winter months, having your roof and southern windows exposed to the sun will help keep your home warm without additional energy costs. In the summer the opposite is true. That is why deciduous trees and shrubs are best. Because many of us live in deer country, here are some attractive, deer-resistant choices that are easy to plant: Butterfly Bush, Smokebush, and Rose of Sharon.

Smoke Bush or Tree landscape screen
rose-of-sharon bush
Rose of Sharon