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Why Pierson?

Why Pierson? Value!

We provide the best all-around value with always competitive pricing, no contracts to bind you, pricing plans to suit you, the most efficient equipment, innovative energy solutions, and more.

The heart of your energy decision has to be value. If you can’t stay warm (or cool) at an affordable, competitive rate, the rest doesn’t matter. At Pierson, we provide the best all-around value and the options to choose your level.
Compare these direct benefits with any other home energy company, and in a heartbeat, you’ll see why Pierson will be your choice.

  • No Contracts to bind you. Ever. Our customers stay with Pierson out of choice.
  • Competitive pricing. Always. We offer heating oil and propane prices that other full service companies offer, and you get more for your money.
  • Switching is easy. We put our money where our mouth is. If you have a contract with another provider that is keeping you from switching, we’ll buy it out for you so you can come over to Pierson without paying a penalty.
  • Pricing plans to suit you. You choose:
    • Easy-Pay Budget Plan
    • Pre-buy
    • Cap Plans
  • Zero Percent Financing on new equipment. The money you save with new high efficiency equipment will pay for your upgrade quickly when you don’t have any interest to pay.
  • Rewards Points. You earn rewards every day.
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, local people to help, to answer questions, to fix what’s broken, to deliver what you need. We’re here, we live here, we work here, we’re here for you.

Why Pierson? Innovation!

We’re always looking ahead to find the new technology that works for you and for the environment

  • Biofuels
  • Bioheat
  • Solar energy
  • The very highest efficiency heating and cooling systems for oil and propane

Why Pierson? Community!

We’re here. We live here. We work here. Here is where our heart is. Local matters to us. It matters much more to us than it does to some large regional or national corporation that answers to a far-away, profit-seeking board. A stronger, more vibrant, more caring local community benefits all of us.

It’s why we:

  • support the Morristown Food Cupboard with donations (and the opportunity for You to donate your Pierson Rewards points to them).
  • Sponsor the arts, such as The Barn Theatre in Montville and The Growing Stage Children’s Theater in Netcong
  • Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity
  • Support the Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs

Why Pierson? Conservation!

Use Less Energy—we’ll show you how. We are avid about savings—saving the planet and saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. The way to do that is to use less. Showing customers how to do this has been our primary directive for more than ten years. It means we’ll help you use less energy with efficient equipment, regular heating system tune-ups, and whole house energy audits that will keep your heat in where you want it. Amazing savings are available with up-to-date equipment. You’ll be impressed with how quickly the savings will pay for the equipment, and then you just keep on saving! Call us for a free assessment of your heating or cooling system.

Why Pierson? Integrity!

We work throughout the community, in every town in our territory—helping non-profits to stay strong and taking care of customers with timely and helpful deliveries and service. If we were less than honorable in either of these pursuits, our reputation—which is all we really have to grow on—would be seriously damaged. We operate with transparency in our pricing, we answer calls and questions personally, and we seek to act with compassion and understanding in all our dealings. Decency and fairness are not difficult, they are merely essential.